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i have an angel watching over me blinkie i heart anime blinkie i love my attitude problem blinkie i need coffee dollar store junkie blinkie jerma blinkie girl with dollz get over yourself blinkie hello kitty blinkie lisa frank blinkie got love? blinkie i hate mean people blinkie let the music play blinke when in doubt take a nap blinkie pepsi blinkie power puff girlie blinkie splatoon 3 blinkie romantic at heart blinkie scorpio gal blinkie shop-a-holic blinkie soft hearted blinkie i heart teddy bears blinkie i heart unicorns blinkie whatever blinkie

welcome to my side of the internet! gladly joining both the fun of having your own website and the fight against the bland corporate look of today's world wide web. i have low coding skill, but i hope my little slice of the virtual world is worth exploring!

dee the dog squishmallow up there was made by a good friend of mine!

(note: designed on 1920 x 1080 screen on firefox. apologies if it looks weird. not mobile friendly.)

you may be wondering...

what the heck am i going to see here? what's this chick's whole deal? many things, actually, but regarding this...well, i'm not completely sure. you're just going to find things that make me, well, me.

i'll also like to feature some of my writing, whether that be in blog form or in fanfiction. and, eventually...hopefully...some original work too. my dream is to write the sort of cheesy, self indulgent romance novel that only sells for a dollar online. and, if you see it in the wild, it's probably in a trash can or in the bedside table of some middle aged mother's bedroom. this one goes out to you, moms!

things you may run into: some profanity, some adult themes -- nothing too explicit. regardless, as one must do with all things, proceed with care.

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