vil schoenheit from twisted wonderland dressed as a vampire. he has thigh high heels, a purple suit and a red cape. he is also holding a umbrella and is floating.

Vil Schoenheit

before reading, i'd like to stress that this is not a spoiler free place! so, if you mind that, please continue with caution.

i also headcanon vil to use he/she pronouns, so i'll be alternating between these two.

vil schoenheit is a third year at night raven college (a.k.a. the nrc). he is, not only part of the pomefiore dorm, but also the housewarden. which is to say, she is the face of the dorm and is the person who both looks after all the students but also finalizes any decisions made dormwide.

he doesn't do this task alone, though, he also gets help from his close friend and vice housewarden rook hunt.

rook hunt, as i already mentioned, is vil's best friend and trusted vice housewarden. they met in their first year, when rook was a savanaclaw student.

after getting to know each other, rook decided to transfer to pomefiore to be closer to vil. you may be wondering, 'is he in love with vil?' yes. well...i can't answer for canonically, but in my heart he totally is.

and while we are here, I should also introduce...

epel felmier! he is a pomefiore first year and is cute as a button (just make sure not to tell him that!) he's a country boy who grew up in a small town that specializes in orchards. his family makes their own apple juice to sell.

he and vil have relationship. vil wants to harness his beauty and cuteness, making it into the strength epel naturally has. she sees a lot of potential in him and takes an interest in seeing him grow.

epel on the other hand does not want to be seen as cute or beautiful or anything of that sort. so he very regularly tries to go against vil.

despite this, as the story goes on, epel and vil are shown to very genuinely care for each other. they have their differences, but they (along with rook) have formed their own family.

Twisted Wonderland

twisted wonderland is a mobile gacha game created by aniplex and walt disney japan. the art, direction and...basically everything was handled by black butler creater, yana toboso. for the sake of keeping this brief, the game is based on a cast of characters that are all inspired by primarily disney villains with the occasional disney hero thrown in.

it is set in a school called night raven college, or nrc, and each dorm is inspired by major disney villains. vil is based off of the evil queen from snow white. rook is based off of the hunter that eventually betrays the evil queen and epel is based off of the poison apple used by the evil queen.

in this world, the villain's acts are...more or less misrepresented and are twisted (badumtss) to be seen as acts of good. for the evil queen, they obviously don't use 'evil' to describe her and more or less celebrate her for being a beautiful queen who took over and helped a kingdom who lost their previous king and queen. so, they more or less think they're looking up to these heroic figures.

to paraphrase yana's words, the game is essentially about what would happen if these evil villains never actually did their evil deeds. if what was meant to be their 'villain origin story' gets intercepted. they aren't goodie two shoes, they're still fairly fairly flawed. which is like, quite refreshing! not a single one of them is perfect.

My Thoughts and Feelings

vil is...absolutely everything to me. i absolutely love her and it sometimes makes me sad that people misunderstand her. vil is fairly harsh and strict in the beginning. he's very 'it's my way or the highway' and will push his views and help onto you whether you want it or not. vil thrives for perfection for himself and expects it from others too. all in all, if he knew me in person, he would not like me at all!

but, one thing about me, is that i love a blonde bitch. and i love a blonde bitch with layers (as a very good man ogre one said, like an onion) even more!

he has very high standards for himself and that bleeds into having them for others too. she just wants to pull the best out of the people around her. she dislikes 'lazy' people because she dislikes wasted potential. in the beginning it is very, 'okay queen...relax' but as it goes on and you uncover more and more about see these moments of genuinely just...really giving a shit about those around him, you know?

epel is vil's "project" so to speak, who he most wants to help unlock their potential. he sees himself in him, in a way, but epel sees anything "beautiful" and "cute" as weak. vil is rather androgenous and he very much pushed the message that femininity isn't weak or only for "girls". the same way masculinity doesn't mean you're strong. in short he's like, "it's like 2023, stop gendering things" and i absolutely love that.

she's a classic case of tough exterior but soft inside. he can be funny and silly, he can indulge your whims...he seems unapproachable but he isn't! he's headstrong but, he also likes to help if other people want it.

vil's an actor, a model...he hates mayonnaise because it gave him a pimple once. he can crush an apple with his bare hands and serve C U Next Tuesday while doing it. he makes his own cosmetics. vil loves her father so much and values their time together. she loves to read, she loves fashion and can probably make a poison that will croak ya with one drop.

vil's a bitch, a lover, a sinner, a saint and you know what? he does not feel ashamed! she's your hell, your dream, she's nothing in between! etc etc etc, so take him as he is!

More Favorites...

this is the part where things have no rhyme or reason. where i just kind of toss everything else i feel doesn't really ned to be it's own section, so they're all under here!


1. vilidia / 👑 💀

now, i am an avid multishipper and an even bigger rarepair shipper. and this ship? is pretty freaking rare! but, it's also my number one vil ship. it has a lot to do with their potential, book 6 and writing them with a friend.

idia shroud is a fellow third year and the otaku housewarden for ignihyde. he is based off of hades from hercules. he has a...rather tragic backstory that's basically the whole plot for book 6. but, this is also the book where he and vil interact the most. it really captured my ass, so to speak!

i love an opposites attract ship and this is them! i think idia's personality can help vil and vice versa. she can help idia develope some confidence and idia can teach vil to actually slow down. also, idia's younger brother, ortho shroud, really likes vil too! in fact, after this book, he ends up joining her school drama club. they're like, basically family material!


a commission of vil kissing idia's cheek that i got from alicetrijjet!

a commission of idia kissing vil's wrist before sharing a loving look that i got from ohsleepie!

2. treyvil / 👑 🍀

these two are really good! vil's entire science card pretty much hook, line and sinkers you into liking them. trey is very perceptive as always and knows when something upsets vil. in this case, when he needs a piece of yummy cake.

trey clover is a fellow third year in the heartslabyul house. he is actually the vice housewarden. he is based after the card soldiers in alice in wonderland. it's also fan theory that he is based off of the mad hatter as well. he's...a pretty normal guy, really! he comes from a family of bakers and is the total 'big brother' type.

they get along fairly well and have a sort of...exes vibe to them? but exes that didn't break up because they fell out of love with each other. it was definitely circumstantial and they're definitely still crazy about each other.

this ship isn't as rare as the one on top, but it isn't vil's most popular either. but this one definitely has it's loyal fanbase and i'm a part of it. it's so cute...


a gift commission i got from a friend of vil and trey after she's attacked his entire face with kisses! the artist is ohsleepie!

3. rookvil / 👑 🏹

preeeeetty much the most popular vil ship, the holy grail! they're best friends, as i previously mentioned, and they're both the housewarden for their dorm. as i also mentioned, rook ended up transfering over to pomefiore to be closer to vil. that's true love.

rook is absolutely infatuated with vil and that's not even the shipping googles on. he'll actively do anything for vil, he quite literally risks his life multiple times for him. when vil poisoned some apple juice, he wanted to take a sip just to say he was able to have something vil himself cursed. rook's like, definitely kind of...really, really out there!

vil on the other hand, very often turns a blind eye to rook's more...eccentric traits. he trusts him completely and is almost never without him. when speaking to him, he'll call him "my dear" and rook calls her "roi du poison". she loves him just as much as he loves her.

i've got not one commission to show, but honestly? the internet is full of fanart and the like for them.


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