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💞 my doll collection 💞

now, i'm sort of a newcomer when it comes to collecting dolls. i had a sort of...I'm not sure, revelation? that i can just like, buy all the dolls little me has ever wanted. and all the ones grown me think are pretty cool!

i also had to tackle this like, personal and also societal pressure of "growing up" by getting rid of everything "kidish". which i did! and then i...well, totally regretted. and since then, i've filled up my room all over again. i'll tell you what, life is too short to be holding yourself back. if you're a doll collector then, gosh darnit, you gotta collect them dolls! or a plushie collector or figurines or...anything! so, this is me letting me be happy.

simply hover over the photo of the dolls for more information.

Sexy Pink Heart